Portmeirion Thimbles

In 1985 Portmeirion, commissioned by the Thimble Collectors Club, produced a trial thimble, featuring the Heartsease.
The following year a collection of twelve different Botanic Garden thimbles were made exclusively for the TCC.


The Thimble Collectors Club no longer exists, and it is said that only very few sets of twelve are now known to be in the possession of Portmeirion collectors.


In this set of sixteen you can see: Common Tomentil, Spring Gentian, Red Star, Orchid, Ivy Leafed Cyclamen, Broom (2 versions), Rhododendron, Barbados Cotton Flower, Speedwell (2 versions), Honeysuckle, Forget Me Not, Daisy, Scarlet Pimpernel and Heartsease.