Pomona dishes

These are the Pomona Grapes, the blue Raisin de Carmes and the white Sweetwater Grape. They are beautiful motifs, especially on the large dishes and the breadcrock. The motif on the lid of the breadcrock is the l’imperatrice Plum. On the left is a 15 inch oval platter, on the box is the 19 inch oval platter with the Raisin de Carmes.  I took the picture in the fruit garden, next to our own grapes.


On this lasagna dish you can see the Amicua Melon, an early Pomona motif that was retired too soon.


It really is a marvellous motif:


The Ingestrie Pippin apples on this platter are beautiful:


Pomona also had a series of 11 inch oval plates:


These have the  Red Currant, the Hoary Morning Apple, the Royal George Peach and the Biggareux Cherry

One 11 inch plate is a trial, with a small greyish oval backstamp:


and this is a special 15 inch platter with no backstamp at all: