Portmeirionlore: First Botanic Garden drumshape bowls

In 1973 the first set of dinnerware in the Portmeirion range had several drumshaped dishes or tureens, as well as the Meridian shaped soupbowls. They have the old motifs with dark coloured butterflies.


The low dish in the front of the picture only occurs in the oldest sets, and I have only seen it with the Citrus.


The bowls come with the same motifs as can be seen on the teacups, the lids have the  Strawberry Tree and the Yellow Foxglove:


The soup bowls also have the same motifs as the teacups:


The Scarlet Pimpernel, Forget-me-not, Rhododendron, Common Tomentil, Heartsease and Speedwell. The bowls are quite large, therefore large butterflies were added to fill up the empty space on the cups. The bowls came with white saucers with the leafed border.


Three different sizes of jugs were part of the set, the smaller two with the Spring Gentian, the larger also with the teacup motifs:


Spectacular butterflies…………