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Plant Pots

Botanic Garden always has had a great variety of planters and plant pots. Here are three small pots made for Kew Gardens:


These have the Forget Me Not, the Rhododendron and the Speedwell.

Here are my favourite 4 by 5 inch pots, with the original oatmeal motifs:


Thet are the Ivy Leafed Cyclamen, the Orchid, the Purple Iris, the Canterbury Bells, the Barbados Cotton Flower and the Orange Cactus.

Portmeirion also had boxed planters or cache pots, here seen with the Common Tomentil:


The backside of the box advised which plants they were meant for:


Here is a bell-shaped planter with the Trailing Bindweed:


Although many planters have the Botanic Garden motifs there are also Pomona planters, here seen with the Ingestrie Pippin, the Imperatrice Plum and the Red Currant:


and Birds of Britain planters, such as here with the Nuthatch:


The Spring Gentian can also be found on planters: